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Production of parts from sheet metal.
This entirely programmable equipment makes it possible to increase the added value of the processed products. The performance of this equipment is maximized at the time of production relating to stainless steel and aluminium, steel sheets being up to 1 inch tickness. The department of estimate of Usinage Pro-24 inc. is able to evaluate your projects. Our capacity to serve under the same roof of the projects requiring various operations like cutting, machining, folding or welding, enables us to decrease the delivery periods connected to the use of various subcontractors for the same project. Usinage Pro-24 inc. has a competing park of equipment composed of machines with numerical controls, fast and precise making it possible to carry out productions of small and large quantities as well as conventional machines for small production. The company is able also to give the various needs as regards mechanic welding, it can be a partner of choice for various projects of subcontracting.

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